Reel Deals

Now both Monday and Tuesday! ** Please note that additional discounts are not applicable **


  1. sandy

    The half price on Monday & Tuesdays – is that applicable for new releases as well?
    What is the normal cost of tickets? What time are the shows in the evenings?

    Thanks and kind regards

    • Minimax

      Hi Jaco, 2D Digital Experience: @ R 40.00 / 3D Experience: @ R 60.00 / 3D glasses: @ R 10.00 and all movies half price on Tuesdays. Regards, MiniMax

    • Minimax

      Hi Christine, half price movies apply for all Monday and Tuesdays, public holidays included. Regards, Minimax

  2. Riana

    Watter kinder flieks wys Maandag 17 Augustus en Vrydag 14 Augustus 2015?
    En kan julle my asb laat weet wat kos n fliek per kind? (8 jaar oud)
    Dankie Riana

    • Minimax

      Hi Riana, ons is nog nie seker of Minions sal wys daardie week nie. Die volgende beplande ‘Kiddies Movies’ sal wees Maya the Bee (18 Sept), Hotel Transylvania (2 Oct) en Pan (09 Oct). 2D Digital Experience: @ R 46.00, 3D Experience: @ R 60.00 (all movies HALF PRICE every Monday and Tuesday). Groete, Minimax

  3. Debra Bosman

    Hi do you need any card to qualify for the Reel deal, and would it be possible to purchase tickets for the evening earlier in the day?

    • Hi Debra, Reel Deal applies to all movie goers on a Monday & Tuesday. Tickets can only be purchased over the phone with your credit card details. Regards, Minimax

  4. shureene

    good day ,

    hope you are well

    what is the discount price for movies on Mondays and Tuesdays ?


    • Greg

      Hello Shureene. The prices for tickets on a Monday and Tuesday are R25 for a 2D screening and R33 for a 3D screening. Please note that the R10 library card discount is not applicable on these days and in the case of a 3D screening, a pair of 3D glasses is an extra R10.

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