In the outskirts of Whoville, there’s an unpleasant fellow known only as The Grinch. He lives in a cave on Mt. Crumpet with his inventions and his dog, Max. He only ever sees his Who neighbours when he has to get himself food. One holiday season, the Grinch catches wind that the Whos plan to make their routine Christmas celebrations three times bigger this year, something he can’t tolerate in the slightest. Eventually, he has the ultimate epiphany: to keep the peace and quiet he loves so much, he must become Santa Claus and steal Christmas.

Meanwhile, in the town of Whoville itself, one particular holiday loving Who, Cindy-Lou Who, just wants to thank Santa Claus for help for her overworked single mom. How does she do it? Plot with her friends to catch him, of course!

…So what’s going to happen when her scheme collides with the Grinch’s?

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